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Under the State's Thumb: Results from an Empirical Survey of Civic Organizations in Vietnam

28 Jul 2015

German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA); Authors: Jörg Wischermann et al.

Why do civic organizations (CO), especially those under authoritarian rule, act as agents of democratic change and/or as forces of preservation for existing power relations? Why do COs develop either democratic or nondemocratic features? More precisely, what is the impact of the state, especially the authoritarian one, on these developments? Which forms of authoritarian state power might precipitate, for example, forms of intra‐organizational authoritarianism?

Regulating Labour Recruitment to Prevent Human Trafficking and to Foster Fair Migration: Models, Challenges and Oportunities

23 Jul 2015

International Labour Organization (ILO); Authors: Beate Andrees, Alix Nasri, Peter Swiniarski

This working paper presents the role of international labour standards in regulating recruitment and provides a preliminary overview of national laws, policies, regulations and enforcement mechanism which aim to prevent fraudulent recruitment practices and protect workers from unscrupulous labour recruiters. The paper also provides recommendations based on emerging national and regional experiences and identifies research gaps which should be tackled in the coming years.

Making Sense of Territorial Pathways to Rural Development: a Proposal for a Normative and Analytical Framework

17 Jul 2015

Institute of Development Policy and Management, University of Antwerp(IOB); Authors: Johan Bastiaensen et al.

Starting from the known and renowned human capabilities approach inspired by Amartya Sen’s theory, the authors develop a relational vision of the capabilities with which to evaluate the processes and results of human development. After this ethical positioning, the paper will attempt to assemble a heuristic framework from different theoretical inspirations that could serve as a prism to analyze and interpret rural development pathways. 

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