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Spatial and temporal analyses of women’s wellbeing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

27 Aug 2015

UNU/WIDER; Authors: Malokele Nanivazo and Kristi Mahrt

This paper sets out to investigate the wellbeing of women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It undertakes spatial and temporal comparisons of women’s wellbeing using data from the Demographic and Health Survey and the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey. Using the multidimensional first-order dominance approach, the results reveal mixed evidence of improvement and deterioration of women’s welfare across the DRC over a three-year period (2007–10).

Why Sub-National Level Poverty Analysis Matters: A Case Study of Namibia

18 Aug 2015

Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP); Author: Ojijo Odhiambo

This brief argues that rapid economic growth and relatively high income per capita can hide a high incidence of poverty, inequalities in income distribution, and low standards of living inside a country or region. Analysis of head count at the sub-national level provides policy and decision makers with the evidence on which to base long-term policy and programmatic decisions targeting specific geographic areas. Counter-measures are best implemented around pro-poor policy approaches to programmes and projects, capacity development, government support and service delivery, in order to close widening interregional poverty headcount disparities.

Measuring the Drivers of Gender Inequality and their Impact on Development: the Role of Discriminatory Social Institutions

10 Aug 2015

Oxfam GB; Authors: Ferrant, Gaëlle and Nowacka, Keiko

This paper highlights the key role of discriminatory social institutions – formal and informal laws, social norms, and practices – as the underlying drivers of gender inequality. The paper provides evidence that measuring the invisible is feasible and critical to position social norms on the policy radar. It demonstrates that any truly transformative post-2015 development agenda must take into account how such inequalities impact the development pathways of women and girls across their entire life course, limiting their rights and empowerment opportunities.

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