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Whose Security? Building Inclusive and Secure Societies in an Unequal and Insecure World

06 Oct 2015

Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton; Author: Robin Luckham

Development researchers, governance specialists, security and international relations analysts are cartographers of the modern world. Their job is to untangle the tangled, yet in doing so they all too often make flat all that is high and rolling. This paper considers one particular piece of map-making: the interface between security and development. It tries to render visible some of the bumps, joins and turnings which lie beneath the maps.

Is Africa Too Late for “Late Development”?: Gerschenkron South of the Sahara (PDF)

01 Oct 2015

Graduate Institute (IHEID); Author: Gareth Austin

This paper is intended to present an economic historian’s view of the prospects of Sub-Saharan Africa achieving a twenty-first century ‘late’ industrialization, drawing on – and evaluating – propositions form some of the models of economic development used by economic historians. It argues that the ‘broad capital’ strand of endogenous growth theory captures something important in the African context, relevant both to the ultimate demise of the apartheid formula for economic growth, and to the prospects for ‘late industrialization’ more widely in the sub-continent.

Analysis of the Impact of Public Education Expenditure on Economic Growth of European Union and BRICS

24 Sep 2015

Institute of Economic Sciences (IEN); In: Economic Analysis 2015, Vol.48, No.1-2, pp.19-38; Author: Tomić Zoran

Knowledge is one of the key factors for the development and progress of each of the world economies. Starting with the industrial revolution, more attention and resources are invested in the development of the education system.

This paper presents a comparative analysis of investment funds in the education systems of the European Union and BRICS, and it is shown that there is a positive correlation between public expenditure on education and the value of GDP of the country.

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