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Good Governance Facades

23 Feb 2015

Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI); Authors: Kalle Moene and Tina Søreide

Fashions come and go in the development community. When a policy idea becomes popular, some governments implement a cosmetic variant of the policy. What looks like development, are institutional façades; pretty from the outside, ugly from the inside. A good governance façade can be introduced deliberately to mislead observers and stakeholders to cover political theft. This paper argues that rents can be extracted under the cover of executing good policies; that nominally beneficial policies permit corrupt decision-makers to hide in plain sight.

Adapting Development: Improving Services to the Poor

09 Feb 2015

Overseas Development Institute (ODI); Authors: Leni Wild et al.

This paper argues that if we are to avoid reproducing the pattern of uneven progress that has characterised the MDG campaign, there must be more explicit recognition of the political conditions that enable or obstruct development progress. In this context, domestic reformers and their international partners must pursue innovative and politically smart ways to tackle the most intractable problems. The report is, therefore, aimed at governments, domestic reformers and at the external actors (donor agencies, NGOs and others) that can support them to do development differently.

New Patterns of Structural Change and Effects on Inclusive Development. A Case Study of South Africa and Brazil

04 Feb 2015

United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER); Author: Joshua Greenstein

This study explores the question of structural change and inclusive development in South Africa and Brazil. The results here suggest that current patterns are in some ways contradictory to received models of development and distribution, and, further, that redistribution alone is insufficient in creating inclusive development if the patterns of structural change do not sufficiently involve people in the processes of growth, particularly through accessible and remunerative employment.

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