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Welcome to the EADI-DSA 2011 Conference (13th EADI General Conference)

19 - 22 September 2011, York, UK

EADI's triennal general conferences are the Association's public forum for debate and research. The 13th General Conference will be held in co-operation with the Development Studies Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland (DSA).

The EADI-DSA 2011 joint conference seeks to be one convening space to fundamentally revisit and rethink the development paradigm(s) in all its dimensions in an era of plurality, uncertainty and change.

The EADI-DSA 2011 conference seeks to maximise the opportunity of working together and to revisit and rethink ‘development’, to generate new ideas, new narratives and new thinking whenever possible globally co-constructed with partners in global-South.

The conference seeks to go forward by rethinking what are new universals in terms of ideas, and narratives that will allow humanity to reach some kind of adaptive and sustainable pathway or pathways by taking inter-cultural, inter-generational and inter-disciplinary forces into account. Please consult the conference description for a broader introduction to the theme, or download the conference leafltet for key facts about the event.

It is at the level of plenary, parallel and working group sessions that we will deal with the different economic, social, political, cultural and ecological aspects covered by this large, all-encompassing theme.

The conference will provide several formats for the presentation of concepts, research results, policy conclusions and debate among development scholars and between them and policy makers and representatives of the civil society and the business community.

The conference will begin with the Dudley Seers Lecture by an eminent development thinker. Each of the three conference days will have a focus or a theme:

Day 1: New values: Rethinking progress and how to measure it

Day 2: New institutions: Rethinking governance systems

Day 3: New ideas: Where are the voices and what alliances will be necessary and viable?

Each day will begin with a plenary session that will focus the debate on the day’s theme and set the tone for the following debates in parallel sessions on issues related to the general theme of the conference and the focus of the respective day.

These parallel sessions will be organized by members of EADI Working Groups and DSA Study Groups, by members of both associations, by aid organisations, NGOs or business associations who would like to join the conference and have their theme and mandate debated there.

The rest of the time of the conference will be used by EADI Working Groups and DSA Study Groups for their thematic and business sessions, and there will be the plenary meetings for discussion and decision making by the members of both associations.


Join us at the Rethinking Development conference

Over 800 delegates from all over the world will convene in York, United Kingdom for the EADI / DSA conference.  Delegates will represent development research institutes, international organisations, the European Commission and bilateral donor organisations. 

These thinkers, leaders and decision-makers will exchange ideas about  new values, voices and alliances for increased resilience.

Sponsors and Partners

Department for International Development (DFID)

European Report on Development 2012 Project (ERD 2012)

German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

This conference was carried out with the aid of a grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).



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    Resilience and Development Dossier

    Background reading, research papers and links on resilience issues in the resilience and development dossier.


    Publication of Call for Panels/Papers

    6 September 2010

    Submission of panel proposals:

    15 October 2010

    Submission of paper abstracts:

    15 February 2011

    Submission of full papers:

    15 May 2011

    Notification of authors about acceptance of paper:

    15 June 2011

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    30 June 2011


    19 - 22 September 2011, York, UK


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