EADI General Conferences

Since 1975, each of the triennial conferences have focused on themes of topical interest, and assembled over 500 participants.

14th EADI General Conference: Call for expressions of interest

On 23-26 June 2014 the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) will host its triennial General Conference in Bonn, Germany.

The conference is entitled: Responsible Development in a Polycentric World: Inequality, Citizenship and the Middle Classes

For further information on the conference topic, registration and the working group sessions please take a look at the conference website http://www.gc2014.org .

Past General Conferences

2011 13th General Conference Rethinking Development in an Age of Scarcity and Uncertainty: New Values, Voices and Alliances for Increased Resilience York 
2008 12th General Conference  Global Governance for Sustainable Development: The Need for Policy Coherence and New Partnerships Geneva 
2005 11th General Conference  Insecurity and Development: Regional Issues and Policies for an Interdependent World Bonn 
2002 10th General Conference EU Enlargement in a Changing World - Challenges for Development Co-operation in the 21st Century Ljubljana 
1999 9th General Conference Europe and the South in the 21st Century: Challenges for Renewed Co-operation Paris 
1996 8th General Conference Globalisation, Competitiveness and Human Security: Challenges for Development Policy and Institutional Change  Vienna 
1993 7th General Conference Transformation and Development: Eastern Europe and the South  Berlin 
1990 6th General Conference New Challenges for European Development Research: Sustainable Development and Changes in Europe  Oslo 
1987 5th General Conference Managing the World Economy or Reshaping World Society? Towards a Definition of Europe's Choices  Amsterdam 
1984 4th General Conference Development and Cooperation: European Initiatives  Madrid 
1981 3rd General Conference Emerging Development Patterns: European Contributions  Budapest 
1978 2nd General Conference Europe's Role in World Development  Milan 
1975 1st General Conference A New International Economic Order: Economic, Social and Political Implications  Linz